MessageLabs will protect your organization from Internet threats such as viruses, spam, spyware and other inappropriate content, more effectively than any other vendor in the world. MessageLabs can support this claim with a consistent track record of stopping threats long before the competition and through the industry’s strongest Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that include an unrivaled 100% guarantee against known and unknown email viruses.


MessageLabs delivers this world leading level of service effectiveness by drawing on the scale of a managed service model and the intelligence drawn from the billions of messages and millions of threats processed through our network every day. This intelligence is fed in ‘real time’ to our proprietary and patentedSkepticTM technology to form the most comprehensive and up to date knowledge base of Internet threats in the world.

More than eight million end users, at 21,000 organizations spanning 100 countries, rely on MessageLabs services and we are proud of an unprecedented client retention rate in excess of 95% demonstrating the high value of our services. Our clients trust MessageLabs to protect them from online threats and other content management challenges, leaving them free to focus on their business without interruption.


Pacen Corp Pty Limited

Pacen Corp Pty Limited is a Sydney based private company having its foundation in 1977 as a developer of electronics and computer based electronic control systems.


Pacen Corp specializes in the distribution of Service Desk, Asset Management, Patch Management, Barcode & Network Communication; monitoring and management products throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim region. Pacen distributes its products directly to corporate, government, education, and health care. Our software is also sold through selected resellers in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Pacen Corp is a partner for the Numara Software Inc. With more than 55,000 customer sites worldwide, Numara® Software® is a global leader in delivering practical, flexible solutions that allow IT organizations to improve service to their end-users. Pacen Corp offers a complete range of services to their corporate business & government sector, IT integrators & VAR network, and is emerging as Australia’s pre-eminent supplier of Service Desk, Asset Management, Remote Access, Security products/solutions & peripheral equipment.

Pacen carries out all pre & post sales, marketing, first level technical support and a range of Professional Services (Consultancy, Implementation & Training), on all our Software solutions to our customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim region. Pacen Corp offers qualified Practitioners in Change Management, Incident Management and Service Desk and ITIL “Best Practice” processes and procedures.



Astaro offers the most complete and easy to use internet security appliances available. Combining best breed applications and enterprise level performance.


Astaro’s award-winning products provide the latest protection with the best total cost of ownership. Software, hardware and virtual appliance offerings provide users the flexibility to meet a wide variety of deployment scenarios. Distributed by a growing worldwide network of more than 2,500 partners, Astaro products protect over 100,000 networks for 47,000 customers across 60 countries. Astaro, headquatered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA and Karlsruhe, Germany, offers free downloads of its products at www.astaro.com.

Astaro’s unique approach includes the integration of ten diverse security applications in a single appliance. Based on the proven quality of the Linux platform, Astaro integrates “Best of Breed” solutions through a combination of open source and leading commercial security products. This concept forged the most feature rich “all in one” appliance for network security on the market today. Astaro Security Gateway integrates network protection, web filtering and email security into an intuitive and easy to use, web based user interface.



Clearswift is a trusted information-security company with a history of innovation. We understand content and the way people work and communicate. Clearswift’s content-aware, policy-based solutions benefit 17,000 organisations globally, enabling them to manage and maintain no-compromise data, email and web security across all gateways and in all directions.


Clearswift’s track record in innovation includes developing many of the features the security industry now considers standard, such as image scanning, policy-based encryption and user-level message tracking. Clearswift continues to lead the IT security industry with the deployment of production ready virtual appliances on the VMware ESX and ESXi platforms. These are built on powerful, effective and tested content-aware policies that protect our customers and their employees.

We believe that the IT security industry should evolve to help organisations interact and collaborate better in the connected world, rather than restricting communications. Clearswift’s content-aware solutions reflect the mature approach that business demands, enabling safe and effective communication for unfettered productivity. Simply, Clearswift’s unified web and email security solutions dispense with fear and negativity, enabling businesses to get on with business without compromising security.